NPP22TAB BodyMed Tab Fabric 2.00" Square Electrodes - 4/Pack - 25 - 4/Packs + BodyMed Lead Wires ZZA45LW


BodyMed 2.00" Square BodyMed Cloth/Fabric Electrodes w/Tabs 5/4 Packs = (20) Total +

BodyMed 45" Replacement Lead Wires - 2/Pack = 2 Total

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5 - 4/Packs = 20 Single Grey Cloth/Fabric Professional Grade Electrodes

2 - Standard Lead Wires - Fits most devices, call/text David/602-625-9968 with any questions. Need to know your device model/make.


Patient friendly, new, innovative feature gives a way to remove electrodes by pulling the non adhesive, non gelled tab vs. pulling off the electrode using the electrode pig tail or lead wire.


Why? Pulling off electrodes using the lead wire or electrode pig-tail can break the lead wire connection or the electrode pig tail connection. Plus oils from hand degrade gel, some gel sticks to fingers in the beginning.


Think of these electrodes as 'Electrodes For Dummies & Lazies'

BodyMed Tab 2.00" Sq. Electrodes 5/4/Packs + Lead Wires = 20/2

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