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We offer the highest quality, professional grade, respected name brand TENS electrodes, TENS supplies, medical traction, ultrasound, and other medical equipment and medical supplies at cost containment pricing with free shipping on many 'small bulk' orders.

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    InTENSity Select Combo Digital 2 Channel Electrotherapy (IFC + EMS + TENS + MC) Device + TENS Supplies Professional grade construction, components, tan or white cloth, carbon film, 4/Packs HCPCS (A4556)
    Premium Electrotherapy Cost Containment Program2.00" Square Cloth Electrodes
    InTENSity Select Combo 'IFC + EMS + TENS + MC' Digital 2-Channel Device

    Package Includes;
    Six (6) Months TENS Supplies Program

    Click link to see all included! HCPCS E0730, E0745, E1399

    <br>2.00" Square, Tan (WholesaleElectrotherapy.com) or White Cloth (BodyMed), Carbon Film, 100 ohms, Professional Class, Premium Gel, Electrodes 4-Pack<br>