Lead Wire Ear Clips 1/Pair = 2 Each

Lead Wire Ear Clips (A4557) 2/Pack

The ear clips attach onto your existing lead wire's pin tip.
The ear clips are used by specialized healthcare practioners to treat specific conditions with electrical stimulation on the ear.
Most often used with Microcurrents.

Features an all-plastic design that clips very easily and comfortably onto any ear.
Measures 0.4" wide x 1.6" long and includes a rubber pad and pin jacks.
May be clipped onto the ear lobe or other flat areas of the ear.
Two clips are required to complete a circuit on any TENS lead wire with 2 mm push pins.
Design subject to change.

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  • Applications: Most imported electrotherapy devices.

Ear Clips - Lead Wire Adaptors 2/Pack

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