2.75/3.00" Round Tan Cloth Carbon Film All Weather Hydrogel Reuseable Electrodes 4-Pack

Our WholesaleElectrotherapy.com, BodyMed or other premium brand electrodes are manufactured to the highest standards in quality and durability. We get raving reviews for each brand on Amazon all the time.

Tan, Grey or White Cloth. Cloth color makes no difference in quality.

  • Amazon Feedback Rating (1 to 5 Stars): 5 Stars
  • Customer Popularity Rating (1 to 5 Stars): 5 Stars
  • Applications: All professional and personal electrotherapy applications
  • Durability Rating (1 to 5 Stars): 5 Stars

2.75/3.00"" Round Tan/White Cloth Carbon Film Electrodes 4-Pack

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