The Index Knobber 20/Case - Color Choices - Emerald Gree, Saffire Blue, Ruby Red, Amethyst Purple - Mix and Match based on inventory - we will get as close as you want as possible. FREE FEDEX SHIPPING!

The Original Palm Massager - (HCPCS A9270)

$8.25 - average to your door!

Color Choices are based on inventory but we will get as close to what you want as possible.

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Emerald Green (PPC108GRN) (EG)
Ruby Red (PPC108RD) (RR)
Saffire Blue (PPC108BL) (DKBL)
Amethsyst Purple (PPC108PRP) (AP)

Product Description:

The Original Palmassagerâ„¢ is one of the most efficient massage therapy aids available anywhere. Hold it firmly in the palm of the hand and use one, two or three of its round knobs to massage sore muscles.

Palmassager (4 Color Choices - Mix/Match) 20/Case

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