Wi Touch Wireless TENS Device - NO RX Required - Available OTC or Online ...

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Advanced Technology - The Hollywog® WiTouch™ is the first wireless remote controlled pain relief device incorporating TENS technology to specifically target lower back pain. An advanced electronic design maximizes energy use providing over 150 30-minute treatment sessions per battery life.The WiTouch incorporates the "gate control" and "opiate release" theories of pain manahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXHFcMAem7wgement in a 30 minute pre-programmed treatment cycle. Frequency modulation minimizes stimulation accommodation.

Comfort and Convenience - The thin, lightweight and flexible design makes the WiTouch almost undetectable under clothing and is so comfortable patients may forget they are even wearing it! The wireless remote controls intensity level and power with just three simple buttons. Patients may now purchase the WiTouch over the counter and experience the comfort and ease of using it anywhere without a prescription.


HCPCS: E0720

Wi Touch OTC 'No Rx Required' Wireless TENS Device (COR395)

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