TENS 3000 Analog Stimulation Device Kit - 9V, Manual, Electrodes, Lead Wires, Case

Analog TENS Device

Kit includes - Case, Device, Manual, 9V Battery, (2) Lead Wires, (1) 4/Pack Electrodes
(12) months manuacturer warranty

This is one of the most popular devices ever sold in the U.S. and uses generic lead wires that are available online for around $3.95 pair.

Caution: This is a Class II Medical device and Federal law Restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed health care professional. By ordering this device, you confirm you have an Rx from your medical provider who has prescribed this device for you.

By purchasing this device you confirm you are a medical professional or you have an Rx prescription from your medical professional.

TENS 3000 (TENS) Analog Device

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