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2.00" x 3.50" Rectangle Electrodes, White Cloth, Carbon Film, Latex Free, 4/Pack BODYMED Digital 2-Channel TENS/EMS UNIT Universal TENS Device Lead Wires 43" - 45" 2/Pack = 2 Wires = 4 Electrode Pins
2.00" x 3.50" BodyMed, Cloth, Carbon NPP620 (100) - 4/Packs BodyMed® Digital 2 CH - IFC (ZZAEV806) Device Patient PackageBodyMed (ZZA45LW) (1) Pair Lead Wires 43/45" 'Volume Discounts'

(100) 4/Packs = (400) Total BodyMed 2.00" x 3.50" White Cloth, Rectangle, Carbon Film Electrodes, Industrial Grade, Professional Strength

$3.39 Average

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The TENS/EMS is a combination unit of TENS and EMS intended for use of pain relief, muscle reeducation, increasing local blood circulation and maintaining range of motion. It features 5 TENS modes and 2 EMS modes. The pulse width, pulse rate,...

These universal lead wires fit all BodyMed, TENS 3000, TENS 7000, IF-4000, EMS 7500, TENS 7000, TwinStim, TwinStim II, and TwinStim Plus II, Intensity Select Combo, other electrothereapy device models. (*These are the most common style lead wires)